I got the opportunity to join Robert Green on Visual Studio Toolbox last week, we got to talk about a new diagnostic scenario in Azure called Time Travel Debugging. You can record code executed in production and replay the execution path inside Visual Studio.

It was interesting on a couple of levels, it was one of the first times I have been publicly interviewed about a Visual Studio feature I help guide (with an amazing group of engineers). Secondly it was an interview conducted remotely via Teams, so I was essentially blind. It was a little disorienting but the production team in Redmond were generous, kind and professional. I imagine those out of studio interviewees you see on CNN are in a similar predicament, you want an engaging conversation but no one is actually in the room with you. I think the most difficult thing is maintaining the illusion of staring directly into the camera.

Any way it was fun and I look forward to talking about the feature in other forums. Take a quick look at the video here.

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