U-Verse Update

I still believe my initial reaction for U-verse was justified and that they provide a pretty awesome service with a very advanced feature set . However there are a couple of things that I was misled about.

Firstly, there is no UPnP, you simply cannot access resources on your network ;( ... What they do have is a widget that allows you to access photos via Flickr, but that is hardly the same thing, to be clear this is a feature of Microsoft Media Room, just not U-verse.

My initial reaction to only having bandwidth for a maximum one HD channel at a time was a simple shrug and a smile. However, now that I am fully enjoying the benefits of HD the fact that I cannot record 1 HD channel while viewing another is starting to really grate my nerves. I have a wonderful 50" Samsung that took me many months to save for, my set top box (Motorola VIP1216) has 160GB hard drive and I am simply not recording as much HD as I would.

So what does the future hold for U-verse? It should start with making good on the promises of Media Room, however, the major updates for 2008 are as follows:

  • Introduce the ability to watch or record two HD programs simultaneously (2nd-3rd quarter 2008).
  • Plans to begin introducing Whole-Home DVR (2nd half 2008).
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