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When using previous incarnations of Windows, the windows key + 'R' combination was indispensable as a short cut to all things that were found in C:\windows\systeme32. Within Vista, however,  there has been a marked attempt to bring in all programs into this shortcut loving world by presenting and alphabetized list of all your installed programs by simply pressing the windows key.

I noticed today when I type 'n' in the run command prompt Microsoft Visual C# Express was at the top of the list despite that fact that it clearly does not begin with the letter 'n'. Clearly this violates the alphabetic order that the list is supposed to be presented in, but I think I am to blame as interprets my previous fat fingered errors as a preference to select Microsoft Visual C# when I click 'n'.

Not sure why this is, but now I just want to figure out why notepad2 will not go to the top of my list!


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