When I joined Microsoft just about 3 years ago I just missed the prior release of Visual Studio 2019 and all the prep work that goes into it. Any who I am really excited for all our work and am excited to shared the official release of Visual Studio 2022 on November 8. As with previous releases there is both a Release Candidate (RC) and a Preview 5 to decide between.

For those of you who are interested in continuing to test and provide feedback for the latest changes then I suggest continuing with Preview 5. However, if you want fewer updates, more stability, then I suggest the Release Candidate (RC) which will update to the General Availability (GA) release. Both RC ad GA have go-live licenses and can be used to create production ready applications.

Virtual Event

Our online launch event kicks off at 8:30 AM Pacific Time on November 8 with a keynote hosted by Scott Hanselman and Amanda Silver (I play a small 2 minute role). There are breakout sessions and a whole bunch of Tips and Tricks talks focusing on the newest and best capabilities of Visual Studio that align with your dev work.

  • Keynote is here 
  • Event playlist - This playlist starts with the keynote and then goes through all the “What’s new” talks in order (captions available in English and simplified Chinese)
  • Tips & Tricks playlist - The tips & tricks talks are all in this playlist

The day the earth stood still - Pittsburgh, PA

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