After several weeks at my new company I am slowly getting into the patterns, practices and tools that they have been using here for a while. I find this process of assimilation exhilarating, and while I have been in the software engineering field for a long time new situations like this have a way of making you feel like a code newbie.

I mentioned previously that Visual Studio Gallery provides a really comprehensive list of extensions that I find make the minutiae of development a little easier. My favorite extension is called ReAttach, which is a really simple tool that gives you quick access to debug your most recent targets. This is especially useful for me as our code base consists of dozens of projects each of which I could actively be working on at any given moment. Reattach recreates a history of your attaches in convenient drop down list.


The hotkey sequence CTRL+R, CTRL+A is used to ReAttach to your latest application (top of the history list). If your process is not running then ReAttach will show a dialogue box and ask you to start it. We all have limited key strokes and mouse clicks and this particular tool will save you at least 50%.

The ReAttach project is hosted at Github if you are interested in how this works or even contributing.

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