I just finished reading a great article by Charlie Kindel and he has managed to encapsulate all my hopes and fears for the upcoming Windows Phone 8 release. Everyone is concerned about what it means for Nokia because that will effect us both as a consumer and eventually as developer.

As a consumer I have all the options in the world, my first choice, stand pat with Windows Phone, I genuinely like the phone but I have a frustrating upgrade path coming, aka buy a new WP8, uggh. I could also go all in on iOS, I already have one in the house, and I am guaranteed to not have to worry about missing vital apps. Finally, I could follow the ubiquitous but splintered Android crowd, I have two of these devices, lying around but having a consistent experience across devices continues to be a challenge.

As a Windows Phone app developer I am weighing these options a little more carefully based on my desire to see a reasonable return on my time. Admittedly my apps began as a labor of love, one where making money was a tertiary concern. However, two years later I really need a reason to continue, and frankly a 3% OS market share will no longer do it.

This is what I need from and for the WP ecosystem:

  1. An 8-12% market share by the end of 2013.
  2. A better and more powerful way for developers to market apps independently (this does not have to come from MS).
  3. Marketing, marketing, marketing. Everyday people still do not know there is a viable third option.
  4. An all in signal from the major US carriers … I mean all of them!
  5. Lots of low end phone options (see ‘free’) for “month to month” mobile subscribers.
  6. Significant uptake from business users (they have been ignored for long enough).

That is all.

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