Where does Windows RT fit?

Windows RT represents Microsoft’s attempt to get the Windows OS on low power ARM devices that align more closely to the tablet form factor. As the family tech guy I am finding it incredibly difficult to endorse Windows RT and here is why?

  • Folks out there are still using desktop apps.
  • There are too few quality Windows Store apps.
  • Folks hear “Windows” and they do not think tablet, they think Desktop.
  • The prices of RT machines appear comparable to full Windows 8 PCs.

I read an article on ZDNet that was basically betting that Microsoft would probably double down on RT:

Is Microsoft really going to continue to sink resources into an operating system that's different from its core Windows 8 one, especially given that the new devices and services company made only $853 million (revenues, not profits) from its Surface RT and Pro sales through June 30?

…Back in March, Microsoft officials insisted that Windows RT, Microsoft's port of Windows to the ARM processor, was a necessary disruption. Corporate Vice President Michael Angiulo said it was Windows RT on ARM that gave Microsoft the ability to offer tablets that were "really competitive with a full-sized iPad." (Keep in mind this was said before the write-down and the eventual appearance of the much-improved anti-iPad ads from Microsoft.)

Just a couple weeks ago, Microsoft's Surface General Manager Brian Hall reiterated that Microsoft is absolutely committed to both the Surface RT hardware and the Windows RT OS. Microsoft is planning to develop and market both platforms going forward, he said. No ifs, ands or buts.

With the new Haswell processors just around the corner, the question becomes who should we encourage to purchase these devices? At the current price point, I have no answers.

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