I left comments on the blog of Dare Obasanjo about what should be a decline in the price of digital music. It was in the wake of the Apples release of DRM less music.

I was blasted by others for agreeing with Mike Masnick who wrote:

Giving stuff away for free needs to be part of a complete business model that recognizes the economic realities.

I am bringing up this whole topic again in light of Princes release of his latest album Planet Earth. The thing is Prince chose to release the album as a covermount with The Mail on Sunday in the UK. There was no distribution with a record label they were completely out of the loop. This was a great move, it put a brand new album right in the hands of his fans without the indecisive but powerful music middle man. This gave Prince all the marketing clout he needed to sell out his 3121 concert tour in London.

Apparently other musicians are clamoring to do the same thing! I think the musician wants to see packed out concerts. The music execs want to see record sales I think the fight for music rights and distribution will be thrown into flux again.

"Common-sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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