I have been an active member of the Windows 10 Tech Preview for a while now and I have installed it on any piece of hardware I could spare, with the notable exception of my main desktop. My personal informal testing has focused on touch centric devices and it has not always been smooth sailing, but frankly that is what you should expect from a Tech Preview.

One of the biggest issues I came across almost completely derailed my testing, a Dell Venue Pro 8 I own would boot up, present the login screen, and then subsequently just present a black desktop. I could not get anything to show up, no Windows menu, bars or the desktop icons. Nothing!

In order to get out of this situation I had to hook a keyboard up a keyboard and do the following:

  • Press CTRL-ALT-DEL and select Task Manager.
  • On the file menu click Run new task.
  • In task manager type shutdown –r and press Ok.
  • You will prompted with “You’re about to be signed out”.

When the Windows 10 device reboots you should be able to get to your desktop and Windows menu.

Well, it worked for me!

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