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I think it would fair to say that most of the folks downloading and installing Windows 10 are doing so on non-tablet devices. In fact much of the improvements over Windows 8 relate to how it becomes a much more reliable 2-in-1 device, rather than an ineffective 1-2 device, that is, Win 8 skewed too far to touch when most folks were still using a mouse.

For those of us who do continue to negotiate through a keyboard focused world short cuts are crucial to moving quickly and efficiently, so here are my favorite shortcuts for Windows 10 and also some of those old shortcuts that are still useful.

New to Windows 10

+ C Cortana opens in listening mode
+ A Opens up Action Center
+ Ctrl + D Add a virtual desktop
+ Ctrl + < > Switch virtual desktops
+ PrtScn Capture a screenshot and save in Screenshots folder
+ Tab Open Task view

Classic Shortcuts

+ D Display and hide the desktop
+ Enter Open Narrator
+ E Open File Explorer
+ L Lock your PC or switch accounts
+ H Open the Share
+ I Open Settings
+ S Open Search
+ Arrow key Snap app windows right, left, maximize, minimize
+ Comma Quickly and temporarily peek at the desktop

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