Windows 8 short cut keys

If you are developer with Windows 8 today (probably RTM or earlier) you have probably done a simple upgrade of existing hardware without really benefiting from the touch capable hardware promised later this year. Without this tactile option you are forced to rely on the mouse and short cut keys a little more. The following is a list of short cuts that I find the most useful as I navigate a touch friendly world with a traditional mouse and keyboard.

WinKey Switch between Start screen and open Metro apps and/or the Desktop.
WinKey + C Display charms, which gives quick access to charms, search, devices and settings.
WinKey + D Switch to the classic desktop (this has been around in previous Win versions).
WinKey + F Search for files in the new Windows search pane.
WinKey + Q Search within an app using the new Windows search pane.
WinKey + Z Display the App bar in a Metro-style app.
WinKey + H Opens the Share panel.

p.s. I intend to continue to use the word Metro until I am given a valid alternative.

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