Windows Media Center

I now have two Vista machines at home (and one XP) and I am really digging Windows Media Center. I am looking at getting a Cable converter so that I can start recording shows directly to my PC.

I am also looking at the various MCE Extenders that are being offered. Clearly the XBOX 360 is at the top of quite a diverse list but I am also curious about a few others:

  • HP Media Smart (42", 47") - The first HDTV with integrated Media Center Technology - $1,699.99, $2,099.99
  • LinkSys Media Center Extender (also with DVD player option) - There is a new model available in November but you can find olde models on Amazon for less than $200,
  • DSM-750 DLink Xtreme N WiFi HD -  No price point set yet

On a related entertainment note, have you noticed the fact the HD DVD prices have taken a sudden dive!! Circuit City is currently advertising HD DVD players at about $130!! Plus you get 5 free HD DVD's with the purchase, not bad eh!

UPDATE: Price was changed to $197.99 the very next day, nice catch Ed!

Blu-ray is still at $650 ... your move Sony!

To be honest I am not sure if this is the last dying breath of HD DVD or whether this is a legitimate attempt to pull the market back into its favor, but with studios firmly aligned in one camp or the other the casualties in this stand off will invariably be the consumer.

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