I have come across my first major issue with WMP 11, last week I was trying to setup sharing on my home network (mistake # 1) and at some point during the whole debacle my whole library was no longer available to me. I could not add any of the files back to the library and it would not scan any of the file on my machine. In fact every time I would open WMP11 it would ask me to setup sharing for the network, I had just purchased the Corrine Bailey Rae CD and was looking forward to ripping it to my library but nothing.

This was ultra annoying! I tried uninstalling WMP 11 several different ways, and even went as far as installing when the moon was at its zenith, but nothing worked. There was no useful troubleshooting information I could find from Windows support website's. However some judicious Google searches led me to try the following:

  • Close WMP11.
  • Stop "Window Media Player Network Sharing Service".
  • Delete "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player" ... trust me!
  • Simply restart WMP11 and under Library select "Add to Library" and you should start to see activity and your music files start to replenish its depleted store!

Of course this should not have been necessary as one of the main points to using WMP11 was the improved database integrity. I never had a problem with WMP10, but then I guess I did not have the option to try to share my media across networks ... probably will not try that again!

"Knowledge is power." - Francis Bacon

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