I love the HTC Touch, an easy to use cost appropriate smart phone that makes pretty good use of Windows Mobile 6. Unfortunately there are two really big problems with my particular version of HTC Touch. First there is no WM 6.1 upgrade for the Alltel version of the Touch. So my browsing experience, by all accounts, is not what it should be.

One of the things that really turned me on the Touch was its integration with the Windows Live Service cloud. My contacts and emails are made readily available on my phone, but there is simply no calendar synchronization with Windows Live Services, this is not even available with the WM 6.1 upgrade. I think it is misguided attempt to get me to purchase more Office software
(Outlook), but that is not going to happen.

NuevaSync is a a third party applications that I found that reports to provide calendar synchronization with Google Calendar, I would prefer to stick with the Windows Live services but I will do what is easy and appropriate.




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