There are some really great consumer and business centric features that will be available for the Windows Phone 7 come holiday season 2011, and Joe Belfiore gives us a really detailed look at just a few of the new consumer features. Of course for me the most interesting part of the whole experiences is checking out the changes to the API and the VS tools (currently in beta). This is a summary of the features I am looking forward to as consumer, professional and as app developer:


  • Groups, organize and contact your friends based on groups you define
  • Deeper Facebook integration (chat, events, photo upload)
  • Twitter integrated in the People hub
  • IE 9 browser (with support for HTML 5)

Business Professional

  • LinkedIn integration
  • Lync client
  • Office 365 integration
  • IT controls includes Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), Information Rights Management (IRM) for documents.

App Developer

  • New profiler and emulator for testing
  • Multitasking with “Live Agents”
  • Deep linking
  • Silverlight + XNA capabilities in one project
  • Networking / sockets for real-time communications
  • SQL CE database
  • Access to calendar and contacts through apps

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