Today Microsoft announced the launch of Xbox Music for both Android and iOS (previously only available on Windows 8/RT & Win Phone). This is clearly in keeping with Microsoft’s well documented strategy to transform into a more services oriented company. Both apps feature the standard streaming service but neither actually provide the ability to download local copies for offline playback (should be available later this year). I had just a few moments to play with iOS version and what I found interesting is that it was much easier to manage playlists than on the native Windows Phone 8 version (feature parity reversal?).

Additionally Xbox music web (at is now available for non-subscribers and permits unlimited streaming with any browser (with ads), after six months that gets reduced to 12 hours streaming a month, but considering you get access to about 30 million tracks, I think that is ok.

Xbox Music Web

P.S. It should noted that playlists are not synching correctly with my Window Phone, Xbox support suggest an update is coming o_O.

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