Zune is out I am very excited about it, unfortunately I committed $100 to a 1 Gig Sandia c140 MP3 player just a few weeks ago. I knew I should have waited I just could not resist.

Zune allows you to share songs temporarily with friends so that they can try them out. Great concept! I would pay for every song on every CD that I have ever borrowed as long as it was easy to try and decide.

ps. The Sandia makes a strange clicking sound when you skip tracks, which is really noticeable. Apparently this is a known problem to which there is no solution.

pps. Microsoft took a really different approach to the marketing of Zune, no one knew what it was at first, but I think it paid off. I still think there is no chance of knocking iPods from the top spot, though, the potential to connect Xbox 360, Media Center and regular PCs is too much to bear.