Zune 2.5 Update

This is the Zune update that I have really been waiting for, TV shows are here at last! It really helps lessen the gap between iTunes and and the Marketplace. I am not sure I really want to buy TV shows for casual viewing, that is why I have a 50" TV and a DVR, but at least if I decide to go to England later this year I can watch a bucket load of shows during the 8+ hour flight.

Some of the other key features are listed here.

A More Integrated Way to Manage and Enjoy Entertainment

Responding directly to customer feedback, Zune has updated and added features and functionality to address better integration between the software, the online music community and the store. In addition, the updates include frequently requested features such as the ability to sync multiple Zune players at once. Specific feature updates include the following:

Auto playlists. Users can create an auto playlist that updates itself automatically as new music is added.

Browsing videos. Consumers can browse their video collection by genre and series, plus they can preview videos before they play them on full screen.

Editing album and track information. Users are able to edit track or album information (metadata) quickly via multi-select and drag-and-drop. The advanced metadata editing features make it easy to edit multiple tracks or survey albums and artist information.

Organizing collections. In addition to sorting by artist or album, consumers can now sort by genre. While browsing by genre they can further sort music by artist, album or release year.

Gapless playback. Consumers will now be able to listen to an album without the brief gap between tracks, both on their Zune and in the Zune software. This is a must-have for live-concert recordings and compilation albums.

Syncing groups. Zune software now syncs to multiple Zune players simultaneously. Users can prepare which content on their computer to sync even when their Zune isn’t connected. Consumers can create custom sync groups for music, pictures and videos.

Zune reminders. Experience is improved when a Zune player’s memory is nearing capacity, via an easy-to-use tool.



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