Zune HD Rumors

I have been on the Zune band wagon from the beginning, and for a while there I regretted it, now that you can purchase most of your music via MP3 I am not sure that it matters. However, I have been waiting, quite patiently I might add, for some kind of Zune\Xbox alliance. If the persistent rumors are to believed then that dream may come true this year.

I quote from wmpoweruser.com

“The ZuneHD will have a capacitive, multi-touch OLED screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and TV out, from what looks to be a HDMI port on the side. The radio will now be HD and the device will support HD media playback, which will be available from the updated Zune Marketplace. The ZuneHD will also support 3D Xbox games, but it is unclear what form this will take. The device will come in 16 and 32 GB versions, and will support wireless sync. It will also finally come with a browser that supports multi-touch. The device is set to launch in Fall, around September, and will also finally be available outside US, in Canada, UK and France, and possibly other European countries. “

Xbox gaming on the new Zune. Sold. Having a device this powerful must also mean that at the very least movies will be available from the Zune Market Place. Sold. Web browsing via Wi-Fi. Sold and Sold.


The last time I posted picks on upcoming Zune devices  it turned out to be true, so here is to this fall bringing some really cool new devices. Of course the iPod Touch is not a bad alternative either ;)











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