Zune Pass, now Lease to Own

The recent updates with Zune have been great so far, the Zune software itself is even faster, the Zune Social site has an improved layout and even the Zune device itself got a refresh with 3 new games that support wireless community play.

What I believe is the most compelling update is that the Zune Pass now comes with free downloads that you can keep permanently!!! As you may or may not know the Zune pass is a $14.99 a month all you can eat music lease system. Almost all the songs on the Marketplace are available for this buffet styled music gorging.

Now as an added bonus when you subscribe to the Zune Pass you get to download 10 songs a month for your permanent collection. These songs can include MP3’s! So you can technically own them free and clear from the Zune\Microsoft eco system. This update means that the Zune Pass portion actually costs you closer to $5 a month for the all music rentals you like. This is sweet!!!

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