I was using my Zune yesterday and as I came to the end of another 12+ hours (sweet) of audio playback and I got ready to recharge it at my PC and (for the second time) my PC would not recognize the Zune as a USB device. The last time this happened I did not know how to respond and so I allowed my Zune to run until the batteries expired and at that point was able to recharge it again.

Not wanting to repeat that episode I started to search the web on this problem and while I found no documentation that would stop it I did find the CTRL-ALT-DEL of the Zune world ... holding down BACK - DIRECTION PAD UP.

After completing the Zune reset I was once again able to view it as a USB device and it started to recharge, but what price my soul!


It has been a clear decade since the days of Windows 95, but this just brought back memories I would just as soon forget. This was back when CTRL-ALT-DELETE was more than just a chance to log off it meant a hard boot, it meant pushing the zeros and ones to a black hole that should never be mentioned again.

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