The Zune 2 firmware update was well worth the wait, I actually waited up till midnight to get it but it was not available until later that morning.

The podcasting addition has been made more powerful by the wireless synching that I am now able to do. It took a few seconds to setup and now I do not need to connect my Zune to my PC to get the latest Run As Radio or Hanselminutes.

The true Social (as opposed to the original wireless file sharing) aspect of the Zune will be the real selling point. I believe the widget crazy social web sites will love the accessibility of the user information and playlists! While I know Apple has a tradition of creating isolated sandboxes I think it will be in their best interest to follow suit. There world seems to have a veracious appetite for this kind of useless information.

Here is my card:

On the negative side I did have to deal with what appeared to be the complete destruction of my library. My library was getting scrambled and the artist were appearing under albums they were not associated. Songs were showing up in contradicting locations ... it was a mess. I hit the message boards and found the following solutions.

FOLDER XP - C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Zune\
FOLDER Vista - C:\Users\ AppData\Local\Microsoft\Zune\

  • Exit Zune2 software

  • Rename the following two files in the correct folder above:
    • ren ZuneStore.sdf ZuneStore.sdf.old
    • ren CurrentDatabase_365.wmdb CurrentDatabase_365.wmdb.old
  • Restart Zune2 software and it will rebuild your collection.

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