That Microsoft is an enterprise company is evident in its quarterly reports, its revenues are derived almost exclusively from business activity rather than the everyday consumer purchaseS. However, every time Microsoft cedes consumer spaces it seems to produce an involuntary cry of despair from Microsoft fans near and far (including me).

Today Microsoft announced it was abandoning Groove Music which is a service I personally use, this should not have come as a shock especially with Spotify being available on every Microsoft platform. Never the less, it did shock me, and I feel betrayed somehow betrayed. It is completely irrational, I still have my MP3s 

So lets take a quick look at the record of consumer failures that have directly impacted me:

All those are links to my blog by the way Smile, my advice at this point is to buy content from Amazon, you can play that content from anywhere (Xbox, Android and iOS).

In the meantime I would stop buying content from Microsoft Movie & TV I cannot imagine that will survive much longer either.

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