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Musings (71)

Homo sapiens 1.0
A better vision for Central Ohio
The gift of time
Real music and authentic voices
Curiosity unbounded
Public Art Museums
BRT for Columbus
Columbus Fantasy Transit Map
Overly confident AI
Smithsonian Open Access
Sounds like a prison
Uncritical analysis
Setting fire to a public digital library
High performing developer teams are all alike
Apropos of nothing
Large-scale social engineering
Helping team members deal with Imposter Syndrome
Always make room for kindness
Bring your whole self
COVID19 Contact Tracing
A New Reality
Manipulating Digital Maps
Good documentation is the definition of empathy
Committing to Sustainability
My favorite posts from the 2010s
Is that position available for remote?
Does our tech industry need more humanities?
Reversing the effects of long programming sessions
Politics and technology
Giving thanks!
Do we still upgrade PCs?
Sample performance reviews for technical teams
Abandoning the Consumer space
Surface Studio Owl Desktop Image
Performance Review Samples for Dev Teams
2016 Recap
Making it easier to read code than write
Does your software need a superhero?
Let it Shine
Nerd Life Balance
2015 Recap
LinkedIn has a Recruiter Problem
Moving Forward
Social Networks Capturing Social Movements
Interviewing developers is so hard!
What Developers Need to Know About Networks
Power of the Inbox
Henrietta Lacks' famous cells
Employee Satisfaction and Tenure
The Catastrophe of Success by Tennessee Williams
Maps that Lie
More Yearly Performance Reviews Examples
My Wordle
Updation is not a word!
The worst film ever...
Phone Conference Etiquette
AdSense Earnings
About Me
Why does a University change its name?
St. Baldrick's Foundation
Least favorite Buzz words
My top blog posts
Team Hanselman and Diabetes Walk 2007
Just for fun!
When helmets just do not matter!
Remembering the 80's
Faux Microsoft office values
The Welfare Country!?!
Real Performance Review Examples
A jokes's a very serious thing