I just noticed that Amazons MP3 beta program has received a much need endorsement from Warner Brothers (WB). They are now able to sell DRM free music from select artists in the WB catalogue.


So far this beta program allows you to purchase whole albums and some artists are available for individual MP3 downloads. I suspect WB has realized that the cash cow was escaping and people (or maybe just me) want a little flexibility, I simply do not want to by tied in to any one vendor and their DRM monopoly.


I would hope that sales of DRM free music gives life back to the idea that DRM, and specifically the contrasting methods of DRM, constitute the worst path the music industry can take. We will look back at multiple and non-compatible DRM formats with the same disdain we reserve for the MiniDisc.

I do wonder why Universal Music and now WB have decided to exclude the biggest digital music distributor (Apple) from the loop for its non-DRM music?!? Is this a collective show of strength from a weakening music industry? Or are they simply angling for a better deal with the 900lb gorilla?

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