Blogging with Office 2013

So I am writing this blog post from Office 2013, specifically Word 2013. I assiduously avoided the purchase of Office 2010 as I thought that the update did not represent a significant enough leap forward. Anyway, I am checking out the option of blogging with Word as it is a significantly better word processing tool than Windows Live Writer. The only problem I foresee is that I have grown accustomed to the plugins system that allows me to format code or send notifications and updates to twitter.










How did I do this blog post? Hit the FILE tab (notice the Metro styled text … as in CAPS … smh), and click on the Share button as shown below:

Then we need to click on the Publish as Blog Post option. You will be prompted to enter your blogs credentials the first time. Also note some of your other options include:- Invite People to contribute, Online Presentations and Sharing on Social networks.

When you are done, save your file to SkyDrive. SkyDrive integration is a real boon for the Office 2013, in fact without it I think you are missing the point. Download the preview and see for yourself, it works alongside your current Office versions so there is not much to worry about. The only other real question left is what this will end up costing me?

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