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Tools (67)

PowerShell IntelliSense completion
Learning and relearning Docker commands
Node as a cmdlet replacement?
Checking Compatibility with the .NET Standard
Exploring Yeoman as a .NET Developer
Visual Studio–Integrating Node.js and npm
Installing Node.js and NPM for Windows
ngrok - Tunnels to localhost
General Patterns used to Detect a Leak
Adding Bash on Windows 10–New Dev tools
Reflecting Tip: Edit a .NET Assembly
PerfMon Tip: Memory Analysis for Services
Bridge to nowhere?
.NET Tool Tip: Just Decompile
Team Foundation Server Windows shell extension
PowerPoint found a problem
Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio
Get Windows 8 and Windows Phone Controls for FREE
Bing Code Search for C#
HTML Link to a Page in a PDF document
Threat Modeling Tool
Text editing with SkyDrive
Search Engine Optimization Toolkit
Browser Development Tools Basics
Blogging with Office 2013
A Walk down Dependency lane
Outlook Hotmail Connector 14
SharedView version 1.0
First things I need to install on my dev machine!
Software that is less than honest!
Free and Cheap Software from Microsoft
UltraMon Smart Taskbar is missing
AT&T Web Remote Access
Red Gate's .NET Reflector
Stack Overflow
Google Maps Street level Photos
Problems with SharedView and Live Meeting
FolderShare beta
ieHTTPHeaders 2.0
Windows Live SkyDrive @ 5GB
IBM Lotus Sametime Connect
Paint.NET Plugin (Creating Icons)
Retirement Calculators
BEX Upload and Download Speed
Lutz Roeders's .NET Reflector
PC Performance Issues - FileMon to the rescue!
Regular Expressions
Video Content for the Zune
Windows Live Writer (beta)
Command Window - Quick Edit Mode
DebugView and TCPView
Microsoft Office Communicator 2005
NotePad2 version 2
Password Agent - Goodwill Experiment!
HTTP Basics - ieHTTPHeaders v1.6
Live Space\Writer - Word restrictions
PowerShell - Terse Expression
MP3 players in the car
Microsoft XML Notepad
Live Writer Plugin
Windows Desktop Search for Developers
Live Writer, IE7 Search suggestions
Why Google Spreadsheets ... why now?
Windows Live Writer (Beta)