Have you ever seen a killer demo that fizzles at the end because the root cause is a contrived Thread.Wait() or a simple throw new Exception()! Demo's are hard enough by themselves so coming up with a realistic bug can be challenging.

To this end I have created a new repo to collect a list of subtle, possibly nontrivial, bugs that can be easily integrated into your .NET Core demos.

Go here: https://github.com/poppastring/buggy-demo-code

These bugs (seven to start) have been curated from real world examples that I and members of my team have encountered. I have also categorized them into the symptoms that a customer might describe, for example, “My app is unresponsive but CPU is generally low” or “My app is leaking memory” or possibly certain ”I am seeing unexplained Exceptions or Crashes”.

These are hopefully the kind of code defects and bugs you might miss during development and review process, so no spurious throw new exceptions, but would generally become obvious in production environments or when you apply some nominal workload. For example, our research has indicated that thread pool starvation due to sync over async antipatterns are problematic for many customers.

Feel free to cherry pick any bugs you like for your own demos! PRs or bug ideas are also very much welcome.

Bugs in Columbus Metro Park

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