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dotnet (122)

Easily navigate code delegates
Kubernetes mutating admission webhook for dotnet-monitor?
.NET Conf 2022 announcements
dotnet-monitor: Enabling a diagnostics sidecar in AKS
dotnet-monitor: Querying the trigger state
Bringing Kestrel + YARP to Azure App Services
.NET MAUI - Unifying the .NET platform
Configuring the Diagnostics Port for dotnet monitor
Modernizing DasBlog - from Web Forms to .NET 6
The User Old Heap (UOH)
Fixing sync over async issues in .NET
Fixing Error NETSDK1152 after upgrading to .NET 6
Diagnostics tools for App Service on Linux
Favorite improvements in .NET 6
Inducing and measuring ThreadPool exhaustion
Interpreting async code in CPU traces
Debug managed Linux core dumps with Visual Studio
Collecting Managed Crash Dumps on App Services for Linux
Why we need the Rundown Provider
Performance Profiling - .NET Object Allocation Tracking
Performance Profiling - CPU Usage
Performance Profiling - In Production
Performance Profiling - Picking the right tool
Performance Profiling - Introduction
Catching Stack Overflow Exceptions
Creating convincing bugs for your demo code
Reload your ASP.NET config data when the files changes
Finalization Queue Tips
ReJIT on Attach
Suppressing Disassembly
Creating a Quick CLI
Why is decompilation possible?
A great list of ASP.NET samples
Looking back at Async
.NET Core 3 App Services Rollout
Nuances of the XmlConfigurationProvider
Create Interfaces with default implementations
Module vs Assembly
Why is the CPU usage so high and why do requests appear stuck?
Should we use SecureString in ASP.NET for handling passwords?
What you need to know about .NET memory
Checking Compatibility with the .NET Standard
Understanding the .NET Standard
Visual Studio News from Build 2017
Basic Hang Dump Analysis using WinDbg
C#7 - Taking a second look at Tuples
Design Patterns – Singleton
.NET version and feature release
ASP.NET Core Kestrel - The Need for Speed
.NET Core 1.0–The Framework we need
Designing apps for efficient battery usage
Reflecting Tip: Edit a .NET Assembly
Task Tip: Handling Antecedent Exceptions
PerfMon Tip: Memory Analysis for Services
.NET Framework Reference Source
Interview Preparation For Full Stack .NET Developers - 2015
CodeDOM Tip: Generate a proper Using statement
Oracle Tips: Scripting Differences with MS SQL Server
DuoCode - C# to JavaScript compiler
Visual Studio 2015 Tip: Light Bulb and Code Analysis
.NET Tool Tip: Just Decompile
.NET Developer Manifesto
Huge announcements at Connect
Just Another Layer Of Abstraction
Portability and Polyglotism
Troubleshooting WCF Request Response Activity
Build 2014 Highlights For Web Developers
UTF-8 Character Encoding in .NET
Bing integrates MSDN API Search
Encryption, Hashes and Broken Things
Inversion Of Control
Free Training at Microsoft Virtual Academy
Wait for Everything and Anything
Garbage Collection in .NET 4
AutoMapper Basics
Distinct LINQ
Displaying images from a Stream
Confused WCF Ports
OWASP for the .NET Developer
Encrypting Configuration Files
ILSpy, spread the word!
Going from Web services to WCF
LINQ Primer
WebClient in the Windows World
The Problem with Expression Blend Sketch Flow
Programming Note to Self #1 – ArrayList
C# - Shallow Copy and Deep Copy
Math in .NET
WPF - ListBox
DateTime.ToString() - Input string was not in a correct format
Writing to My Documents using .NET
VSWebCache - Web Settings
ICollections(T) - Extension Methods
.NET Framework Installation Problems
.NET Debugging Labs
Is 'this' application already running?
Not enough time for XNA
LINQ - I finally get it!
Side-by-Side Execution -bindingRedirect
Array.BinarySearch - What I failed to realize...
Enumerators - API Design
Unknown Publishers - Should Developers really take the time!
How to Auto start an application with .NET
Developing a new tool with VS2008 - CommonRSS
Copy vs Clone (DataSet)
Windows Principal and Principal Permission
.NET 2.0 Generics
Nullable Types (.NET 2.0 and above)
MSDN documentation
C# - Switch statement
Basic Reflection
Array tricks I seem to forget
Assembly Binding Log
Using NAnt
Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)
Silverlight Screencasts
C# Language Reference (is)
Dealing with Satellite Assemblies
Daylight Savings Update from Microsoft
AJAX is on the way!
Understanding ViewState