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I was greeted by a friendly message box from FolderShare today informing me of what turns out to be the first major update since being acquired by Microsoft. I had to dig around for a list of what actually changed, but I find the following on the FolderShare blog site.

Thanks for your patience while we roll out our first major update. Some users have reported having problems with the new website and the new version of FolderShare for Windows. We’re happy to anounce that we've posted updates to address the majority of those concerns.

What we've addressed

  • The problem some users had with Windows Vista and Windows XP failing to respond.
  • All known website sign-in and library management problems.
  • The version number typo on the download webpage.
  • The difficulties that users of the IOMEGA external hard drive had with the website. Users may need to re-sync their PC libraries now that we've fixed that. (By the way, syncing with the actual devices isn't supported anymore, which we warned about in the previous blog post.)

FolderShare has been a great addition to the backup and file redundancy strategy of our house, and it is very light weight addition to the system tray ;) Download here.

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