I tend to blog about all of my tech accomplishments as a kind of journal and easy lookup, I have spoken about this process in the past and it is still just as important today. So I was kind of shocked to realize that I did not blog about my Hanselminutes interview with Scott Hansleman where we talked about my open source project dasBlog-core.

It was a lot of fun to do although for the life of me I could not imagine what we would talk about for 25 minutes but the time went by quickly. I was more nervous than was necessary but I enjoyed the opportunity to talk about my work.

The interview got me thinking about Hanselminutes as a genuine developer institution, I have been personally listening since the very first episode 13 years ago. In fact it is one of the few tech podcasts my wife will suffer on long trips. So I thought I would take the opportunity to encourage folks to dig into the archive. Here are some of my favorites talks from over the years:


Machine Learning





Open Source

Seriously take another look at the archive … I mean look at all the interviewees. I guarantee you will find someone or something to connect with. It is a curated list of brilliant and diverse technologists ranging from career keynote speakers to everyday developers like me.

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