Connect is the cloud-first, mobile-first, developer-first, virtual event taking place today (and tomorrow) and the Microsoft team has been making some pretty amazing announcements, that genuinely transform the future opportunities  for .NET developers.

Microsoft is open sourcing the .NET Framework Libraries (MIT license), projects like Mono who have relied on contributors to their project who have not looked at disassembled .NET code, but can now freely introduce the .NET framework directly into the Mono project. The code is available here, just amazing!!!

Additionally Microsoft has begun redesigning .NET as the .NET Core which produces simpler versions of class libraries, the project is hosted on GitHub here. The .NET framework team also spent a lot of time trying to speed up the JIT compiler last year and released RyuJIT, this JIT compiler will *also* available under the same .NET Core release.

This bears repeating the MIT License is a permissive as it gets, and this also comes with a patent promise! This is Microsoft really living the open source software ideal!

Other notable updates

What announcement are you most eager to check out?

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