My "Field Museum, Chicago!" posting was originally to be entitled the "Soup Nazi" after the famous Seinfeld episode. However, when I clicked the Publish button I was confronted with the following message.


My item contains profanity? I never use profanity ... ever. I realized after a while that in fact the word "Nazi" itself was considered profane. In fact while you can create a blog with the "N word" in it you are not permitted to put the "N" word in the title.

I completely understand why we would not want someone insane Neo Nazis to be blogging hate speech with tools created by Microsoft, I am just curious about all the words that are on the black list ... or maybe I should not ask too many questions just in case...

GEORGE: "I didn't get any bread."
JERRY: "Just forget it. Let it go."
GEORGE: "Um, excuse me, I, I think you forgot my bread."
SOUP NAZI: "Bread two dollars extra."
GEORGE: "Two dollars? But everyone in front of me got free bread."
SOUP NAZI: "You want bread?"
GEORGE: "Yes, please."
SOUP NAZI: "Three dollars!"
GEORGE: "What?"
SOUP NAZI: "No Soup for you!"

"Those who flee temptation generally leave a forwarding address." - Lane Olinghouse

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