The combination of FolderShare, Windows Desktop Search and several other tools have enabled me to search quickly and comprehensively all my relevant data from any machine I own. This has led me to question the search features of both Live Writer and IE7.

My blog serves as a reminder to me of technical issues, that my colleagues and I have overcame. However, I am left with no real way to do a comprehensive search of just my blog. I would suggest that Live Writer provide a search. It apparently pulls down most if not all of your posts to your local machine anyway ... Just realized I can add the .wpost extension to my Windows Desktop Search, I just have to figure out how to download all my old posts before I installed Live Writer.

My second issue is still valid though! When you select text and right click within IE7 you can do an MSN search. I think it would be much more reasonable to use your default search engine, which they now allow you to select. In defense of IE7, FireFox does the same thing by always using Google Search.

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