Most of the machines I use at home and at work have some kind of DVD playing capability but I just realized that I do not have a single one that burns DVD's. I am assuming that DVD's have effectively run their course and while they were and are hugely successful I think the advance in online storage and flash drives really renders the burning of miscellaneous information to CD's or DVD's obsolete.

With that in mind I have recently had my MSDN subscription fixed at work and so I can now partake in the full featured Visual Studio 2008 goodness. Unfortunately the first thing I noticed when preparing for the download and subsequent installation was that they were only available as DVD iso images  ;( again no DVD burner.

I did find a nice clean solution for this in the form of MagicDisc. This humble application allowed me to launch a Virtual DVD drive directly from the system tray. I know this concept has been around for a while this is just the first time I have had a need for it. Did I mention I like free tools!


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