Moving Forward

Tomorrow is my last day at Fiserv, I have been working there for almost 10 years! I started out with a relatively small company called Corillian which was purchased by CheckFree, then Fiserv subsequently purchased CheckFree. It has been a wonderful journey! I have blogged through most of it, analyzing technical and organizational issues, looking at the industry as a whole and comparing it where were as a group/department. It was and is a lot of fun, for me though, it was just time for change. I wish all my colleagues at Fiserv the very best!

I will be joining a talented, innovative and technically diverse group of developers over at HealthSpot where I will have the opportunity to contribute to a company that, in my humble opinion, is providing direct and meaningful good in the area of healthcare. I will continue development in the .NET stack for the foreseeable future and that will mean I will continue blogging here about the Microsoft centered industry I work in.

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