Last week I needed to take a quick peek at some of the methods involved in the generation of JavaScript AJAX proxy scripts. I had a vague notion of what class and namespace was involved but not much else, and I needed to confirm how the URI was evaluated from base address. Much to my surprise I found a way browse the .NET Framework source code online (Reference Resource), it also has search and navigation which was, apparently, generated by the Roslyn complier (the new compiler is a gift that just keeps giving).

Reference Resource .NET Framework

This is incredibly useful for me especially as in most cases I am just looking to peek at a method to establish assumptions.

Configure Visual Studio Debugging

The next logical step is to go beyond simple searches and start directly debugging the Framework, this can be accomplished in Visual Studio with the following steps:

  • Go to the Tools -> Options -> Debugging -> General menu
  • Disable just my code
  • Disable step over properties and operators
  • Disable require source files to exactly match the original version
  • Enable .NET framework source stepping
  • Enable source server support

Download .NET framework source code

Of course if you prefer to use the search capabilities of Visual Studio (or NotePad++) you could simply download the versions of the .NET Framework you are interested in:

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