Not enough time for XNA

I am really trying to nail down my understanding of LINQ but with the current work load, MCP study (yes I am riding that train again) and trying to move into a new home, I am left with very little spare time. I would really love to get into the whole XNA development thing, however, it is tough to justify even more time in front of the PC that will ultimately result in my wanting to purchase an Xbox 360.

This is a very cool demo of the process of creating PC\360 games using the XNA framework. Unfortunately this is as close as I will get.

Video: 3D XNA From Scratch: 10 How To Access The Guitar Controller

When I was much younger I had access to a ZX spectrum (PC from the 80's, not sure if this made it state side) and was able to hack into the code of a Soccer management game (written in some derivative of BASIC), it always fun to give my self limitless funds! I would love to be able reverse engineer some the games they have out there now!

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