The Olympics have always been a huge deal for me, it is a really exciting time when the greatest athletes in the world compete against each other and even history itself. I have noticed that since moving to the states that the Olympics seem to play second fiddle to the annual domination of North American Major League sports.

The quality and diversity of the Olympic coverage is critically important, and of course, the web continues to provide us with ever improving alternative. I heard some months back that Silverlight would be the flagship technology for video display (move over Flash).


You can check out some live videos now and probably observe some of the athletes training. I was a little concerned with the performance, I was watching a video with little or no updates and my CPU was starting to strain (50-70% for the IE window alone). They appear to be using version 2.0.30523.8 which is some kind of beta for Silverlight.

Now they are boasting that you can watch 4 video streams simultaneously. This will be pretty slick if it works. I can chose to watch the Basketball, Sprints and Soccer without having to sacrifice all my time.

With regards to the Olympics, the opening ceremony was the grandest and most impressive artistic display that I have ever witnessed. It was truly spectacular!!!




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