Remembering the 80's

In the 80's cartoons were really cool...obviously the greatest of these was Transformers. With the film being released in July any persons between the age of 28 - 35 is just loving the trip down memory lane. To see Optimus Prime (the name is truly inspirational) on the big screen will be awesome! I am not sure how I am going to convince my wife to go!

Speaking of my wife, I got the coolest gift ever from her. Several months ago she saw me eyeing the Thundercats DVD box set, well she purchased it for me this Christmas! Wow what a woman!

Thunder Cats! Hoooooooooooo!

Honorable mentions: Voltron, Dungeons and Dragons, The Centurions, Visionaries, Danger Mouse (may have been a British thing), and of course He-Man.

UPDATE: This is a high quality trailer for Transformers.

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