I have been collecting and utilizing tools that I can use to help non-profits and startups succeed on the web, and in the two relatively new Windows Stores (Windows and Windows Phone). My latest addition is the Search Engine Optimization Toolkit! The toolkit, once installed, shows up as a Management option within IIS and provides utilities for “Site Analysis”, “Sitemaps and Sitemaps Indexes”, and also “Robots Exclusion”.


Thus far I have executed several Site Analysis’ and the tools really helps discover issues that the classic ASP.NET developers probably would not think much about. My 8 year old blog (which started on a different platform) took about 4.5 minutes to analyze and highlighted about 10,000 violations. In my defense most of these violations were a function of a poorly designed dasBlog template but all the violations add up to a death by a thousand cuts when your site is reviewed by a search engine.


The importance of knowing what problems exists cannot be overstated, but knowing exactly how to mitigate said problems is also critical. Thankfully the SEO Toolkit provides “Recommended Action” which explains the best course to take in plain English.


Needless to say I have work to do!

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