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So I just happened to notice that SharedView has officially emerged from years of beta relegation. I have championed the use of SharedView at my company for many years and this recent update to version 1.0 will certainly help legitimize my arguments. As a remote employee this particular tool provides the best collaboration with the least hassle.


Beta2_ ApplicationShare


For those who do not know about SharedView, it is an easy to use collaboration tool that enables a view into the desktop of a presenter. However, SharedView takes this antiquated idea a step further and allows each participant a personalized pointer to use to point out specific items or highlight an area--perfect for keeping everyone involved and making sure details are not missed. Reviewing and updating document becomes a breeze and with Track Changes turned on, it is even possible to identify each modification or  “signature” in a document.

The one question that constantly comes up about SharedView is security, and in defense of the question there is not a great deal of documentation on how it protects your data during a presentation. For the record SharedView uses TLS for communication between your PC and the Microsoft hosted servers and the documents you share are compressed and encrypted using AES 256.

All of this would be obsolete if they would allow Desktop sharing within Office Communicator 2007 R2 … I hope someone is listening out there.

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