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Silverlight Streaming is a cool service that makes it easier to deploy and test Silverlight applications. Developers have free and convenient access to hosting and streaming and combined with the recently released SDK 2 it becomes trivial to deploy and host applications. Silverlight hosting can be conveniently categorized in terms of hosted video and hosted Silverlight applications.

Video hosting is pretty straightforward, you need to develop a video (WMV format) that can be up to HD quality but a maximum of 10 minutes long. The following video is a quick and dirty photo montage of a trip we made to Portland. I opted to use Windows Movie Maker the video format output was perfect for what I needed.

With the release of Silverlight SDK beta 2 for Visual Studio 2008, the actual output of the Silverlight project is a XAP file. You can upload the XAP file directly to Silverlight servers, this file contains both the metadata and all the associated logic you may have developed. Here is my remedial ample that I actually imported from a previous Kaxaml example.

In order to see the above examples you will need to have Silverlight installed ;) You can get it here.

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