Silverlight is a cross platform rich media experience from Microsoft (never thought I would be using the words cross platform and Microsoft in the same sentence!). What is intriguing about Silverlight is that the programming model is based upon and immersed within the .NET framework. Together with a choice of programming languages and the presentation model using XAML, Silverlight is set to change the game significantly.

Silverlight serves as a direct competitor to technologies like Flash and while I believe that Silverlight is a great alternative to Flash I am wondering if this is too little too late. Flash is basically on every machine that I have ever sat down at, its market penetration is second to none. I am wondering if even MS can compete with that kind of distribution. Unless of course they bundle it as a priority update to your machine (approx 2Mb) then they would level the playing field quite quickly ... don't you just love monopolies!

The Silverlight evangelists have put together a series of Screencasts that capture some the great features of this technology, Enjoy!

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