After my previous post I was kind of curious about sites that I have seen that have made the transformation into the world of Silverlight?

So this is the quick list I came up with!

  • Microsoft - Of course there flagship site should contain Silverlight ... I will need to talk to Raja (Jim) about where they have buried most of it.
  • dnrTV - I guess I am not surprised at this one, especially after Carl Franklin published a music video using Silverlight.
  • Channel 10 - Channel 10 is a place for enthusiasts with a passion for technology.
  • 2008 Presidential Campaign (352 Media Group) - These folks created a cool site that allows you to determine the best candidates based on some pretty shallow questions.
  • James Bond - Dedicated to those whole love 007, not much to this site but still worth a mention.
  • BMW - Really slick site, probably the best example of what can be accomplished, my German is a little rusty so I did not enjoy quite as much.
  • MSN Movies - Another flagship site, I think I prefer it to the Apple Movie preview site.
  • MLB - This was probably the first large scale site to go all in to the Silverlight experience, and if I were more interested in Baseball I am sure this site would be my favorite!

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