If you have used Snapshot Debugger for Visual Studio or Time Travel Debugging (TTD) you will probably have noticed that you actually need a storage account in order to enable the feature.

So the obvious question is what is that storage account being used for?

Part of Snapshot Debugger and TTD process requires the creation of two blob containers, VSPRODDIAGSESSION and VSPRODDIAGMETADATA.

VSPRODDIAGSESSION – This blob stores an xml file which defines your collection plan (i.e. under what conditions to save a snapshot ). The size of xml file is in the kb range (~1-100kb) and the lifetime storage policy of is set to 3 days.

VSPRODDIAGMETADATA – This blob stores compressed metadata/pdbs so that we can identify the line of code upon which to capture the Snapshot. The size used in the blob is dependent on the number and size of modules associated with your web app. A 30 day storage lifetime policy is applied.

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