I have used Excel for years, for things like totals, creating graphs, even organizing projects. I am just not seeing why that would be useful on the web. So I ask myself (and I will ask Google if they are listening) Why Google Spreadsheets?

When no one appears interested in shared calendars that should have surely been signal enough that not every single popular application for the desktop will need a Web 2.0 counterpart. I am curious just how much money Google has to waste, but considering the share price right now It is a lot more than I have ;)

It may be that they really have identified a space on the web that needed filling. However, I think it is more accurate to suggest that they are the first big player to take a shot at Microsoft's money maker. Is Microsoft scared? Is MS now shaking in their Office boots? Not yet ... but soon ... I think the quicker Microsoft starts to push it Office Live offerings the better.

Microsoft sat on its heals with IE6 and firefox is slowly, very very slowly, gaining ground. Asides from the programming object model what really improved between Excel 97 and 2003? I do not remember? Do you?


"The wise man does at once what the fool does finally." - Machiavelli

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