I have really been disappointed with the number of games and apps on the windows phone that attempt to share the status of a game or a link from an article by redirecting the me, the user, to an OAuth page for Twitter or Facebook. My fellow app developers this is unnecessary and quite frankly annoying. There is a preferred alternative, and it is actually one of the differentiating features of Windows Phone OS, you can integrate your social network (Twitter, Facebook, Live, LinkedIn) directly into the OS and you can send status’ directly to it as follow:

    ShareStatusTask sst = new ShareStatusTask();
    sst.Status = "Share Status";

…or share links…

    ShareLinkTask slt = new ShareLinkTask();
    slt.LinkUri = new Uri("http://www.poppastring.com");
    slt.Message = "My Site";
    slt.Title = "My blog";

The experience is much better and does not require any passwords or browser navigation. While I do not expect Google+ to be included as a network anytime soon at least the main social networks are covered.

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