C# (85)  ●

C# (85)

Primary constructors - class vs record
Easily navigate code delegates
Nuances of the XmlConfigurationProvider
Create Interfaces with default implementations
Is Null Or White Space
What would C# look like without null?
Span in C#
Generate a Class from JSON
C# 7 - Pattern Matching & Switch Statements
C#7 - Taking a second look at Tuples
Design Patterns - Builder
Design Patterns – Singleton
Facial Recognition using Windows Runtime API
Task Tip: Handling Antecedent Exceptions
Interview Preparation For Full Stack .NET Developers - 2015
CodeDOM Tip: Generate a proper Using statement
Oracle Tips: Scripting Differences with MS SQL Server
DuoCode - C# to JavaScript compiler
Visual Studio 2015 Tip: Debugging LINQ Queries
.NET Tool Tip: Just Decompile
Building Predicates Dynamically
New C# 6 Language Features
Portability and Polyglotism
Retrieve JSON Data Asynchronously In Windows Phone
Build 2014 Highlights For Web Developers
Build 2014 Top Developer Announcements (from Day 1)
UTF-8 Character Encoding in .NET
Xbox Music API
Convert an ArrayList to an Array of Strings
Encryption, Hashes and Broken Things
Set an Image.Source from a Stream
Free Training at Microsoft Virtual Academy
Wait for Everything and Anything
Using Explicit Interfaces
Making asynchronous calls from Background Tasks
Basic Authentication using WebRequest
Truly Random
Settings Privacy Policy for Win 8 Dev
Distinct LINQ
Try, Catch and Try again
Displaying images from a Stream
WP7 Apps sharing your status
Binding to Textboxes in Silverlight using IConverter (WP7)
Windows Phone 7 API - MarketplaceDetailTask
Going from Web services to WCF
LINQ Primer
Windows Phone 7 - Event Driven Programming
Get Zip Code from GPS data
Complex Numbers in .NET 4
WebClient in the Windows World
Generic Handlers ASP.NET (ashx)
Programming Note to Self #3 – When not to use Logical AND
DotNetZip - Zip and Unzip in C#
Programming Note to Self #1 – ArrayList
C# - Shallow Copy and Deep Copy
Math in .NET
MOD function in C# - Math.DivRem
DateTime.ToString() - Input string was not in a correct format
Writing to My Documents using .NET
Extension Methods and Interfaces
Design Patterns
VSWebCache - Web Settings
Singleton (C#)
ICollections(T) - Extension Methods
UrlEncoding the hard way
Inheriting Constructors
A small test!
The Partial Class
RSS Development - FeedManager
Is 'this' application already running?
Should this Warning be an Error
LINQ - I finally get it!
Array.BinarySearch - What I failed to realize...
Enumerators - API Design
How to Auto start an application with .NET
Developing a new tool with VS2008 - CommonRSS
Copy vs Clone (DataSet)
.NET 2.0 Generics
Nullable Types (.NET 2.0 and above)
C# - Switch statement
Basic Reflection
VB6 to C# - Removing unprintable characters
Array tricks I seem to forget
C# Language Reference (is)