2015 Recap

In Physics there is an important difference between speed and velocity. Speed describes how fast you are going but velocity also concerns itself with where you are and the direction in which you are going. The trend of summarizing your year in a post is a positive one, in this regard, as it allows you to get your bearings, establishing exactly where you have come from and where it is you intend to go. I want to describe the velocity of my blog.


This year poppastring has seen marked increases in all the obvious metrics one associates with blogging, but my hope has always been that I become a better software developer, architect, technologist and writer.

Here are the posts that got the most traction this year:

Structured Data Markup: Improving your SEO and Google Search Presentation – Using Google’s own markup to ensure that you are represented well in Google search results.

First time Trainer – I discuss moving out of my comfort zone and trying to lead external training courses on behalf of my employer. The results were… mixed.

Fundamental Design Considerations for Web API – I discussed the basics of Web API and RESTful development patterns.

New C# 6 Language Features – There are some really useful additions … and some that are going to make code reviews much worse.

Read more Code than you Write – I think this is important for anyone who values their software craftsmanship to read more.

Visual Studio – Herald of Microsoft – You want to know what Microsoft is planning for the next two years, take a peak at Visual Studio.

The Mobile Web is Slow and its JavaScript’s fault – Browsing the web on your mobile device can be slow and frustrating experience and we need to do something about it!

Cryptography as Natural Law – We need to take a serious look at how technology can inhibit the natural tendencies of the law, and decide what we should do about it.

LinkedIn has a Recruiter Problem – I think we can all agree that the constant requests to join networks with people you do not know is our of control.

The Devil Wears iWatch – How tech trends appear to be mirroring fashion trends … you are being told what to like.

For the first time I have much more posts concerned with technology in general rather than code specifically, and I am fine with that direction.

Peace and blessings in the New Year!

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